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21st February 2017

The Canal and River Trust have now sold the freehold to an unknown purchaser.

31st January 2017

In the last few days an auction board has been erected on the Triangle. The Canal & River Trust who own the land want to sell it as a 'ground rent investment opportunity'. This means that any new buyer would receive the rent that our landlord, Lancaster City Council, currently pay the Canal & River Trust to lease the site. This should have no effect on our sub-lease of the site, which doesn't expire until 2043, and is registered with the Land Registry. The City Council's lease doesn't expire until 2070.

The guide price for the Triangle is £70,000, which is a lot of money for less than 1/3 of an acre. It is based on an approx 5% annual return on investment at the current level of rent that the City Council pays. The Fairfield Association were offered the opportunity to directly purchase the land at this price a few months ago, but resolved that even if we could raise the money, it would not represent good value to pay £70,000 for a site that we already occupy until 2043 for £1/year (prepaid in full).

Turning a neglected plot of land into a pleasant green space for the benefit of the community *

Aldcliffe Road Triangle is a small triangular shaped piece of land between Aldcliffe Rd and the Lancaster Canal, on the south side of Lancaster city centre.

It is owned by the Canal & River Trust (formerly British Waterways), but was leased to Lancaster City Council for a period of 94 years in 1976.

The land has a history of light industrial use, most recently as a boat maker's yard, but has been disused and neglected since 2004, and the three small buildings on the site have been vandalised and fallen into disrepair. It has been a local eyesore and an occasional source of antisocial and criminal behaviour.

Local residents and city councillors have formed a Friends of the Triangle group with the hope of improving and transforming the land into public green space, and bringing the main building back into use. Having negotiated with the City Council and the Canal & River Trust we have now secured the lease to the land and planning permission for change of use has been successfully applied for.

Regular volunteer sessions are being held to tidy up the land and keep vegetation under control. Work to restore the workshop building is now complete. Two derelict lean-to buildings have been demolished by volunteers.

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